Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Solr Cache Autowarming

The Solr index is incrementally updated, i.e. changes are always written to new files. Upon a hard commit a new searcher is created which has a reference to the previous index segments and any new index segments.

The old searcher (pointing to the old index segments) continues handling queries while the new searcher is loaded.

Caches are tied to a specific version of the index therefore new caches have to be autowarmed for the new searcher based upon values of the old cache. You have to pay attention that the warmup time for a searcher is shorter than the time between hard commits. The warmup time can be checked in the Solr Admin's "Plugins/Stats"-page in the "CORE"-section.

New document only become available in a search after the commit plus the time the searcher needs to warmup.

In the Solr Admin's "Plugins/Stats"-page in the "CACHE"-section one can see the "hitratio" and the "warmupTime" for a cache. You want to try for a high hit ratio with a low cache size.

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