Thursday, 14 November 2013

M102: MongoDB for DBAs- Cheatsheet

I took the free online course "M102: MongoDB for DBAs" offered by MongoDB Inc. via and created a cheatsheet which can be download: MongoDB for DBAs-M102-Cheatsheet.pdf.

As I took the online course "M101J: MongoDB for Java Developers" first this cheat sheet only contains information not already provided in the developers course. Therefore you have to read the DBA cheat sheet together with the cheat sheet provided for the developers course


Saturday, 2 November 2013

Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants in Germany (Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, ...)

If you are looking for vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Germany:

Taken from

A list of vegie friendly restaurants in Germany can also be found here - this has also links to lists of restaurants in Austria and Switzerland: 

You can also search by ZIP code or city name here:

Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants in Istanbul

Here are a few options I found if you want to eat vegetarian/vegan in Istanbul. All of those places are in Beyo─člu on the european side of the city.

  1. Parsifal Vejetaryen Restaurant & Cafe: Kurabiye Sokak No: 9/A 
  2. lokanta helvetia: general yazgan sokak, no: 12 - very inexpensive - very good
  3. Zencefil: Kurabiye Sokak 3
Parsifal and Zencefil are basically opposite each other near Taksim square. Helvetia is on the other end of Beyo─člu's main shopping street 'Istiklal Caddesi'.