Thursday, 10 April 2014

Samaxes Minify Maven Plugin & Eclipse - Deployment to Tomcat

I started using the Samaxes Minify Maven Plugin to minify my JavaScript and CSS files.The usage is pretty easy and I ended up with the following config in my POM


This worked fine when I ran 'mvn clean install' from my command line.

But I am also using Eclipse (with the whole ecosystem of  m2e / WTP / m2e-wtp) and Tomcat from within Eclipse. And I wanted to be able to publish the generated resources "script-min.js" and "style-min.css" to Tomcat using Eclipse.

Here is what I did in the end:

Did you notice the line in the plugin configuration.


By default the Minify Maven Plugin generates the resource into the 'target' folder. By setting this parameter I let the plugin generate the resources into the same folder as the source js and css files.

Now one simply has to run 'mvn generate-resources' either from the command line or from within Eclipse and then do a "Refresh" (F5) on the project and afterwards call 'Publish' on the Tomcat from within Eclipse. If Tomcat is already running it will even auto-publish the change.

This is it and this is what I do.

Note 1:

As an alternative to running 'mvn generate-resources' one can also call "Clean" on the project and let m2e rebuild it. There is just one additional thing if one want to go with this alternative: By default m2e does not execute the "Minify Maven Plugin" so you have to tell it to do so in your pom.xml:

       <!-- We need to add this so that m2e (maven2eclipse) will execute the minify-maven-plugin's goal 'minify' when it builds the eclipse project -->
        <execute />

That's it.

Note 2: Within the 'm2e lifecyce mapping' configuration I also tried to set


which would generate "script-min.js" and "style-min.css" each time one made a change to any of the source js or css files. This worked nicely when I manually called 'Publish' but I encountered a problem when Tomat was running and trying to auto-publish the changes:

When I changed one of the JS/CSS files Eclipse would get into an endless loop of automatically republishing and building the project.

As I do not very often change the JS/CSS files in this project I decided it was best to go with the manual steps of running 'mvn generate-resources' (from Eclipse), refreshing by hitting F5, and then publishing.


  1. I have a very similar setup and ran into the same problem, i.e. endless loops when setting runOnIncremental to true. Using the maven plugin "YUI Compressor" I did not have this problem, but I didn't use aggregation. In addition, I'm not sure if it supports aggregation of css files. It does for js files.

  2. Perfect. Thank you!